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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Project 4468 is on the move to FACEBOOK

Due to various time constraints and competing life priorities for the admins of this blog, the project restoration page is moving to Facebook.

The link is here:-!/pages/Restoration-of-ALCo-Diesel-Locomotive-4468/244033378942965

By having the facebook page, we will be able to update much more easily from mobile technology and save the hassle and inconvenience that arises from having to program the layout and photo resizing hassles that come with using this interface.

Also, by utilising Facebook everyone can contribute to the project restoration.

Keep an eye out on the Facebook page for more updates!


Project 4468 Restoration Team

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Work On The Body Out In The Sun

Its been a long time between drinks, but here is the next installment for the 4468 workdays.

In what has been Canberra's hottest day for sometime, the opportunity was taken for work to continue on the body of the locomotive.

Here is Gav standing next to the newly shaded work platform. Important to keep out of the sun.

We can see the work that has be done on the body work thus far.

Drinks break - Gav hiding under the flat top.

Gav measuring up the next bit of steel to be welded on.

Lunchtime with Sue, Pat and Gav - Thanks to Sue for the awesome spread of food.

Sue the Matriach of the A-Team.

Busy grinding away to prepare the surface for the next bit.

The replacement bars need to be drilled and tapped - looking good Pat.

Applying the welding skills!

Happy days - Keeping on ALCOing until next time.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Back to Bogies

With the overhaul of the wheelsets imminent, focus was given to the bogie frames on Saturday 6 November.

In order to prepare the bogies for overhaul, it was necessary to strip down the frames by removing the brake cylinders, brake lines and other linkages.

Here we see Milton and Gav removing one of the 12 brake pistons that will be overhauled as part of the bogie restoration. Good work guys.

... and here we see Pat hard at work, demonstrating that his technical ability cannot be questioned.

Happy days indeed!

Of course, we have to see what it looks like to pick up and take away locomotive wheels. Here we see our goodmates at B&D cranes using a franna to load up the locomotive wheelsets and traction motors onto our carrier Ablett's Transport.

First axle chained up and ready to be hoisted.

Lowering on the truck.

Almost there, fine tuning to get the wheels where they need to sit exactly.

Onwards and upward - one step closer to more ALCOing good times.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What Has 12 Wheels, Weighs 115 tonnes and Flys...

During the period of Wednesday 15 Sept to Friday 17 Sept, our Goodmates from Goodwin Alco (Steve), Far North Engineering (Peter) and Jason the Lithgow fitter came down to Canberra to give Gav a hand to remove the bogies from 4468 (and disassemble them) in preparation of rediscing the axles. All photos credit to Steve Preston.

Here is 4468 sitting at loco without any brake rigging attached.

4807 shunts '68 to the crane road.

Fitting the lifting bars

No. 1 end sitting on blocks and temp bogies.

No 1 end lifted

Start of lifting no. 2 end

Up she goes

Off the bogies

Gravity wont get you high.

Damn, that pesky toilet chute is in the way!

Here they come out.

Rolling out

No bogies.

Putting in the temporary set.

Removing the keeper plates

Moving around to where they can be got at more easily and out the way of other projects.

A Lithgow Fitter!

Removing the bogie frame off the axles

Wheelsets remaining with traction motors attached.

The engine wont go far on those bogies.

The second A-Team (or does that make them the B-Team???) - Gav, Peter and Jason.

Keep on ALCOing until next time.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Traction Motor Tasks

Prior to removal of the bogies from the engine, it is necessary to disconnect all the various wires, brake hoses and traction motor bellows.

Saturday 11 September 2010 saw 4468 being shifted out of its home in the shed to the loco pit so Gav, Pat and Paul could work on this very dirty, yet important task.

In this shot, 4403 is fired up and shunting 4468 into ARHS loco.

Duffman performing the role of shunter uncoupling 03 from 68.

Underside shot of 4468 in the pit of ARHS Loco.

An AEI253 traction motor.

Artsy sort of shot looking out of the pit onto loco 1210.

A close up of the No.2 end draw gear pocket and the end of the bogie.

Here is Gav disconnecting the wires from one of the traction motors.

Pat also getting very dirty under the engine disconnecting traction motor wires.

Just for good measure, one more shot of Gav.

Onwards and upwards with Alco power until next time!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cold Canberra Winter Days

Saturday 4 September 2010 saw a genuinely cold canberra day host a few hardcore 4468 workers. Present were Pat, Lindz, Gav and Paul all in attendance.

Work continued on the metal locking strips, needle gunning and painting the buffing packages (having been needle gunned a couple of weeks ago)

Here the second and third buffing packages that have been painted up. This is the package inside casings.

... and the outsides also painted up.

Cold day, but Lindz is setting up for the job.

The rubber compression block interiors of the buffing packages all painted up.

Yet more panelling removed from the north side of the engine.

Pat in his hi-vis vest continuing to remove more NFG metal locking strips.

4468 and 4403 meet in the yard outside the workshop.

Very cold day indeed with lots of rain and grey gloomy clouds.

Happy days until next Alco workday.