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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Traction Motor Tasks

Prior to removal of the bogies from the engine, it is necessary to disconnect all the various wires, brake hoses and traction motor bellows.

Saturday 11 September 2010 saw 4468 being shifted out of its home in the shed to the loco pit so Gav, Pat and Paul could work on this very dirty, yet important task.

In this shot, 4403 is fired up and shunting 4468 into ARHS loco.

Duffman performing the role of shunter uncoupling 03 from 68.

Underside shot of 4468 in the pit of ARHS Loco.

An AEI253 traction motor.

Artsy sort of shot looking out of the pit onto loco 1210.

A close up of the No.2 end draw gear pocket and the end of the bogie.

Here is Gav disconnecting the wires from one of the traction motors.

Pat also getting very dirty under the engine disconnecting traction motor wires.

Just for good measure, one more shot of Gav.

Onwards and upwards with Alco power until next time!

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