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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cold Canberra Winter Days

Saturday 4 September 2010 saw a genuinely cold canberra day host a few hardcore 4468 workers. Present were Pat, Lindz, Gav and Paul all in attendance.

Work continued on the metal locking strips, needle gunning and painting the buffing packages (having been needle gunned a couple of weeks ago)

Here the second and third buffing packages that have been painted up. This is the package inside casings.

... and the outsides also painted up.

Cold day, but Lindz is setting up for the job.

The rubber compression block interiors of the buffing packages all painted up.

Yet more panelling removed from the north side of the engine.

Pat in his hi-vis vest continuing to remove more NFG metal locking strips.

4468 and 4403 meet in the yard outside the workshop.

Very cold day indeed with lots of rain and grey gloomy clouds.

Happy days until next Alco workday.

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