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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday 18 April 2010 Workday

Sunday 18 April saw more works continue on 4468.

Paul, Milton and Barry continued on with the awful task of degreasing the electrical componentry in the engine room, and the A Team (Pat and Gav) started on checking the lift jacks to prepare for lifting the engine, as well as checking on the transistion electrical pickup on the right side of the No.1 end bogie.

Here we see Paul lying on his side scraping the gunk from under the main generator.

... and Paul showing the scrapings of what comes out from 40 years of no cleaning under the generator.

Here is a shot of the filth under the generator that needed removing.

Yuk, and no suprise there weren't too many volunteers to help out.

... and another sump shot.

A rare sight of a garratt photographer inside a diesel!

Milton once again helping out with the unglamourous jobs on 4468 - quiet achiever.

Paul's tribute to "Wilfred" the TV show.

Here is Barry cleaning between the Aux Gen and the Exciter - fiddly work getting around all gaps and bolts holding in the grease.

Paul and Barry at work in the engine room.

The engine componentry looking a little bit cleaner again.

Although the sump is still quite greasy, it is significantly better than what it started at the beginning of the day.

Clean under the main generator.

Here is a shot of the new jumper leads made by the A-Team - thanks guys.

Yes indeed, sweet jumper trolley.

Some of the loco guys have a sense of humour - all yours for a low low price...

Keep on ALCOing until next time!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Back into the swing of things...

With the Project Manager away overseas and commitments that had arisen for the other 4468 volunteers (such as easter trips), hands on progress during the last few weeks had not advanced as much as hoped.

Notwithstanding the above, Saturday 10 April was a 'hands back on deck' unofficial workday.

The A-Team (Gav and Pat) have very kindly manufactured a set of jumper leads mounted on a portable trolley. The importance of this is that the ARHS is now able to jump start various locomotives from one to another when required. For example, 4468 has a poor quality set of batteries at the moment and whilst the intention is to procure a new set, this will not occur for sometime - therefore when required to start the engine it will be necessary to jump off 4807, which can now be done easily.

Also, the worst job to be commenced on the restoration of this engine began in earnest. Donned in coveralls, two pairs of gloves, a scraper in hand and an empty 20 litre drum, the project manager commenced the removal of the built up grease scum in the sump under the main generator. This job requires the cleaner to basically lie on their side to reach under the generator scraping out a thick greasy, dirt and scum composite (and dumping into the 20 litre bin) before applying degreaser to restore the surface condition back to 'as built'. Its not fun and not particularly pleasant, but a compulsory job in the restoration nonetheless.

As I forgot my camera, there are no photos to post just yet, but more will be posted shortly.

In closing, followers will be pleased to know the ARHS has now placed an order for the purchase of 12 new discs to replace the condemned wheelsets under the engine. Thanks must go out to the support from our friends at United Group Ltd and Southern Shorthaul Railroad to 'make this so'.