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The restoration of 4468 needs support to ensure its ongoing restoration continues! If you are interesting in lending your ongoing support to this project, either labour or financial contributions (or both), please contact the ARHS front office (email: and you will be put in contact with the restoration team! All donations made to the ARHS over $2.00 are tax deductible.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Quality Electricians = Success

During Thursday (28/1) and Friday (29/1), upon recommendation from our Goodmates at Team Goodwin Alco in Sydney, we had a visit from the highly experience railway electrican Col (who has an excellent reputation for being able to solve Alco electrical problems).

Detailed inspections show the electrical control and traction systems on 4468 to be in very good condition. The problem of the engine not revving up was also solved.

As some problems were solved as a result of Col's visit, the opportunity was taken on Saturday 30 January to give 4468 more testing on the ARHS leased "North Shunt" (which is still in the ARHS yard limit) in respect to braking and other control bits and pieces.

The photographer today would like to offer apologies for the lack of quality in the shots as he didnt have his usual camera on hand, so was forced to take photos with his mobile phone - which not as good as they could be, are better than none at all!

The first shot we see 4468 sitting near loco awaiting to head out the back gate.

Gav (one half of the A-Team) has set up the No. 1 control stand and prepped the controls in anticipation of moving - the zero amps measure is a good indication of no power to the traction systems!

Part and parcel of restoring the engine also includes lots of cleaning - even in the insides of the control stands. After a thorough effort, Pat the Electrican (the second half of the A-Team) efforts with much degreaser has really cleaned up the electrical control stand in the No. 2 very nicely indeed.

Here we see some pictures of the engine sitting under the Ipswich Street bridge in Fyshwick.

Happy Alco following until next update!

P.S. Dont forget to book for your spot on the trip to Kandos from Central on 20 February 2010 with the ARHS group as a fundraiser for locomotive projects of the ARHS. (contact phone 02 6284 2790 or email to book your ticket)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Locomotive Branch Fundraiser - 1st Class Lounge - Central to Kandos, Saturday 20 February 2010

As part of any restoration effort is the need to generate $ to fund the ongoing restorations.

On Saturday 20 February, the ARHS has arranged for interested persons to travel in a first class lounge car for a ride from Central to Kandos and return.

The trip is to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the 48 class, but the opportunity is being taken for those interested in supporting the ARHS restoration efforts to have a good day out, as well as assist in fund raising for the ARHS locomotive branch!

Preliminary timetable is to depart Central at 7:30am, Arrive Kandos at 1:30pm, Depart Kandos 3:25pm, arrive back into Central at 8:45pm.

Tickets are $195 for a ticket in the first class lounge car, which includes a two-course lunch at the Kandos Pub.

Bookings can be made through the ARHS-ACT front office (02) 6284 2790 or email

Thanks for all the continued support to the ARHS Loco branch!