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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What Has 12 Wheels, Weighs 115 tonnes and Flys...

During the period of Wednesday 15 Sept to Friday 17 Sept, our Goodmates from Goodwin Alco (Steve), Far North Engineering (Peter) and Jason the Lithgow fitter came down to Canberra to give Gav a hand to remove the bogies from 4468 (and disassemble them) in preparation of rediscing the axles. All photos credit to Steve Preston.

Here is 4468 sitting at loco without any brake rigging attached.

4807 shunts '68 to the crane road.

Fitting the lifting bars

No. 1 end sitting on blocks and temp bogies.

No 1 end lifted

Start of lifting no. 2 end

Up she goes

Off the bogies

Gravity wont get you high.

Damn, that pesky toilet chute is in the way!

Here they come out.

Rolling out

No bogies.

Putting in the temporary set.

Removing the keeper plates

Moving around to where they can be got at more easily and out the way of other projects.

A Lithgow Fitter!

Removing the bogie frame off the axles

Wheelsets remaining with traction motors attached.

The engine wont go far on those bogies.

The second A-Team (or does that make them the B-Team???) - Gav, Peter and Jason.

Keep on ALCOing until next time.

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