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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Back to Bogies

With the overhaul of the wheelsets imminent, focus was given to the bogie frames on Saturday 6 November.

In order to prepare the bogies for overhaul, it was necessary to strip down the frames by removing the brake cylinders, brake lines and other linkages.

Here we see Milton and Gav removing one of the 12 brake pistons that will be overhauled as part of the bogie restoration. Good work guys.

... and here we see Pat hard at work, demonstrating that his technical ability cannot be questioned.

Happy days indeed!

Of course, we have to see what it looks like to pick up and take away locomotive wheels. Here we see our goodmates at B&D cranes using a franna to load up the locomotive wheelsets and traction motors onto our carrier Ablett's Transport.

First axle chained up and ready to be hoisted.

Lowering on the truck.

Almost there, fine tuning to get the wheels where they need to sit exactly.

Onwards and upward - one step closer to more ALCOing good times.

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