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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Work On The Body Out In The Sun

Its been a long time between drinks, but here is the next installment for the 4468 workdays.

In what has been Canberra's hottest day for sometime, the opportunity was taken for work to continue on the body of the locomotive.

Here is Gav standing next to the newly shaded work platform. Important to keep out of the sun.

We can see the work that has be done on the body work thus far.

Drinks break - Gav hiding under the flat top.

Gav measuring up the next bit of steel to be welded on.

Lunchtime with Sue, Pat and Gav - Thanks to Sue for the awesome spread of food.

Sue the Matriach of the A-Team.

Busy grinding away to prepare the surface for the next bit.

The replacement bars need to be drilled and tapped - looking good Pat.

Applying the welding skills!

Happy days - Keeping on ALCOing until next time.

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