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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Under Pressure And A New Arrival

Sunday 15 August 2010 although rainy and gloomy in Canberra, good work was made towards the restoration of 4468. The ARHS also had a new arrival too!

Today's 4468 focus was on needle gunning the No. 2 end, work on the panelling on the eastern side of the engine, and disassembling another two of the buffing packages to remove the rust out.

Here we see Josh working on removing the locking straps on the buffing packages so the cover can be pulled off.

Here is Milton continuing on needle gunning the No. 2 end of the locomotive. Most of these sections are covered by the pilot when it is reinstalled, but whilst the engine is disassesmbled to this extent it is worth preparing the surface and rust removing.

With half the A-Team off firing 3016 out to Bungendore, Pat was left to soldier on the body work on the 44 class by himself. Here Pat is working on continuing to tidy up and remove rust in preparation of reinstalling the body work panelling locking strips.

In order to disassemble the buffing packages, after removing the exterior welded on locking strips, it is necessary to compress the package to remove the remainder of the locking strips on the inside of the package.

Here we see a special bracing compression tool that bolts around the buffing package that winds up to squeeze up the rubber inner blocks.

After removing the cover off the first buffing package, we see the stack of rubber blocks inside - all very rusty and in need of repairing and repacking.

... and a singular rubber block out of the package.

Lots of rust in package that needs needle gunning and priming/repainting.

Removing compression block out of package.

All foots needed on deck to stop the rotating of the package as the compression device is screwed down.

Package cover removed with a very rusty inside.

Here are the rubber blocks lined up ready for cleaning up, painting and reinstallation after being removed from the buffing packages.

The ARHS-ACT has just exchanged paper work with the Office of Rail Heritage for the re-allocation of 4403. After much organisational efforts and preparation work in the background, 4403 was delivered light engine from Junee to Bungendore, where it was attached to an ARHS train to work a doubled headed consist with 3016 and Set 52, BJ, BVJ into Canberra Station.

Here 4403 shunts Set 52 back into the shed having just arrived in its new home.

Driver Mark at the controls of '03.

4403 shunting Set 52 back into the shed prior to stabling.

Happy ALCOing until next update!

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