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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Preliminary Works Continue...

Following replacement of the batteries and starting the engine on Saturday (12/12), works continued to fine tune things on the Loco. The team set about adjusting the compressor governor to roughly where it should be, and this seems to be working with the air system now charging to correct pressure.

On Monday (14/12), she started on her own without the need to 'jump start' (with the goodness of having some NFG cells changed out), so the batteries that were 'originals' from when the engine was acquired and not changed out last weekend seem to be in reasonable condition.

One problem noted from the couple of times that the team has started the engine is that whilst she has been loading up, the donk has not revved. To confirm the problem, the work team hooked up 4807 to check out the problem in 4468 control systems. After a failed first attempt, (the problem being between the user left the engine control switch in idle) which was quickly solved, the team were able to rev 4468 from 4807.

From a mechanical point of view (at a glance) there seems to be no problem with the actual engine side of things. The locomotive was even able to move the 48/44 pair up the yard using only 4468's power (controlled from 4807).

More updates as work continues!

Happy "Alco"holic-ing until next time.

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