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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Now The Hard Work Starts...

With the assistance of our goodmates from Goodwin Alco (complete with Lithgovian fitter), the preliminary assessment of 4468 was undertaken on Friday 4 December 2009 to see if the engine could be started.

Part of establishing 'the way forward' is to know the various conditions of all the bits of the engine.

With much exposure to grease and hot weather, engine 4468 was prepared by the fitters for starting for the first time, in a long time. A cough and splutter kicked all the build up in the exhaust stack, and then she revved back to life.

Unfortunately, whilst being able to start the engine, control system issues were noted (and added to the long list of things to be repaired) and the engine couldnt be driven very far.

Weve got a long way to go, but weve come so far in such a short time!

Anyway, here are some pics courtesy of Stephen Preston of 4468 at home in "ARHS Loco" during the Goodwin Alco Team visit.

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