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Thursday, December 10, 2009

... And Into Preservation

The ARHS-ACT historically has relied upon other organisations to assist in the provision of its motive power requirements, being limited to ownership of only 2 x 73 class engines - which are of low horse power and restrictive for any long distance operation.

Inspite of allocation of Railcorp Heritage unit 4807, the locomotive branch of the ARHS considered it an important priority for the society to actually have ownership in its own right of a mainline locomotive, which can operate at mainline line speed with a reasonable haulage capability.

In October 2008 initial enquiries were made by locomotive branch personnel with Chicago Freight Car Leasing Australia as to its availability. After much back and forth, the ARHS was advised in October 2009 that it was successful with its acquisition.

The ARHS is now the proud owner of a significant piece of NSW Railways History!

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