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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Saturday 29 May - Unofficial Workday

Work on 4468 has been progressing along quietly in the background.

During the last little while, the A-Team have prepared the dynamic brake grid 'bath tub' ready to be removed and inspected by Goodmate Electrician Col so that it can be hopefully re-activated.

The bath tub contains the main eight resistors (and blower equipment necessary to cool the resistors) that convert the electrical energy supplied to it as heat energy to be dissipated into the atmosphere (The electrical energy supplied is firstly converted from kinetic energy of the train by the traction motors to electical energy).

It is not known how long the dynamic brake grid had been disabled in the previous commercial life of 4468, but is understood to have been some time. Restoring such functionality for the ARHS will be a great benefit if the grid turns out to be economically repairable.

Saturday 29 May turned into an unofficial workday with the assistance of the A-Team (Gav and Pat), Fireman Dave, Lindsay, Duffman and Privateer Oldmate.

The focus of the day was to prepare the pilots (or cow-catchers depending on your state of origin) for removal. On the 44 class, there are a significant number of hoses, electrical wires, bolts and cross bracing behind the pilots that needs to be prepared before the pilots can be dropped off.

Here we see Fireman Dave and Duffman removing control pipes off the No. 1 end (and also doing their best tribute of the Beastie Boys Intergalatic Planetary)

and another shot of the guys removing the control pipes.

Only four bolts holding the front pilot on - almost ready to be removed.

Here we see the left side of the No 1 pilot removed.

Mr Duffman using the oxy set to remove a couple more otherwise in-accessible bolts.

Another shot of Duffman working this time on the No. 2 end.

Oxy-ing is always good fun

Yep, fun times.

Here is a couple of shots of Fireman Dave removing blown studs and Duffman working on oxying other bolts - first one we can see 3112 in the background.

Duffman committed to the cause working out in the rain.

Nothing like having all your mates standing around looking on and giving moral support.

... and here is Goodmate Dave also looking on ...

... and we can see Fireman Dave taking pity on Duffman and is now working out in the rain too!

Fun times, and nothing like spending a day ALCOing !!!

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