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Monday, March 8, 2010

Saturday 6 March 2010 - Grease Monkeys

On the first workday for the month, Saturday 6 March, saw a 'light-on' volunteer effort with some of the regulars off looking after a certain steam loco at another location, and others just taking the opportunity of a long weekend to have a little break away. (No A-Team present!)

Inspite of this, loco branch regulars Milton and Paul took the opportunity to do a couple of small jobs and start the mammoth cleaning effort to make the engine room 'nice'.

To start the day off, the opportunity was taken to remove the 'half-gas-axed' buffer studs out of the No. 1 end.

Here is a couple of pictures of the broken studs before removal.

Here are Paul and Milton with drift and heavy mallet used for belting out the broken studs after some 'persuasion' with the gas axe.

All studs removed.

Having removed the studs, a vist to Fyshwick saw some industrial strength degreaser procured with necessary PPE to start cleaning out the engine room (under instructions from Pat)

Here is the main generator, the exciter and auxillary generator very greasy and dirty.

With a bit of elbow grease, lots of rags, and a few ml of degreaser, we can see paint and builders plates on the engine auxillary components.

Here is Milton getting stuck into cleaning the top end electricals in the engine room.

Apparently this unit was overhauled by Goninans in 2002.

... and it was made by AEI - we even have its serial number.

Another shot of Milton dilligently working away.

Paul with a dirty face.

... and cleaning the exciter on the No. 1 end of the engine ...

... and still cleaning!

Who'd have thought the generator covers have a coat of paint on them under all that grease. The blue kind of makes it looks like its a part of Thunderbird No. 5.

Next workday is Sunday 21 March 2010 - be there or be square!

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